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Online Reputation Monitoring and Management for USPI Facilities and Network Physicians

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Online Reputation Monitoring and Management for USPI Facilities and Network Physicians

Facility Cost $260 per year/per facility

Physician Cost $450 per year/per facility


  • Monitors major rating and review sites in one platform
  • Delivers real-time review notifications to your email box
  • Helps you proactively engage patients to diffuse poor reviews
  • Identifies practice operations issues through reviews
  • Provides a reputation score so you can see how you compare
  • Page-claiming and business-listing management


  • Send reviews to your patients
  • Increased reviews means a higher star rating



Getting started is quick and simple. After signing up, you will receive a welcome email from confirming your order with an invitation to join a live onboarding session that will cover:

  • Accessing the dashboard
  • Navigating the review platform
  • Viewing ratings and reviews
  • Requesting reviews from patients and visitors
  • Reporting and data
  • Understanding your overall online reputation
  • Live Q&A session with your dedicated Reputation Manager
  • Tips and tricks for improving your online reputation
  • Link to a recorded onboarding webinar for future reference
  • Contact information for your dedicated Reputation Manager
  • Welcome email to set your password and login to dashboard


Why are online reviews and ratings so important?

The patient that once came from another physician referral source is now a healthcare consumer, shopping around for the right doctor and practice, just the way they would shop around for a car or new pair of running shoes. If your online reputation is not impressive, chances are the consumer will choose another facility or practice. Statistics show that 92 percent of internet users read online reviews, and 89 percent of people say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions – this is true for healthcare facilities and physicians too!

How do my online reviews affect me and my patients?

Your online reputation is what “sells” your facility or practice to the online consumer. Seventy-nine percent of consumers trust an online review as much as the word of mouth recommendation that comes from their closest friends. When patients leave your facility, they go online and share their experience with the digital world. If their experience wasn’t good – either with you, nursing, or your front office staff – other potential patients are going to hear about it, and chances are a poor review will cost you patients.

Can online ratings and reviews affect my revenue?

Yes! Good reviews from patients will encourage other online consumers to make an appointment with your facility or practice. More patients in your door means more revenue from the services and cases you perform. If they have a good experience, that one patient can affect many more. However, if you receive a less-than-favorable review, it might cost you patients and revenue. A difference of one “star” in the average rating in a typical online business profile can lead to a five to nine percent increase in revenue.

How do I make sure all of my reviews are positive?

There is no way to guarantee all of your reviews will be positive. With, you can leverage the Request a Review email feature to drive more reviews to the popular rating and review sites, and more review volume can mean positive reviews. The goal is to bury any negative reviews under all the good reviews coming in.

Can I have poor reviews removed?

Maybe. All rating and review sites are different, and unless the review contains slander, threatening language, or profanity, the review cannot be removed. There are two things you can do to combat a poor review. First, respond in a timely manner. With you get real-time notifications delivered to your inbox, so you know right away if a patient posts a less than-favorable review. Second, address the review right away. A timely response to a negative review allows you to address the comment and express concern, direct the conversation outside the digital world by asking the patient to call your office to discuss further, and defuse the situation.

Beyond new patient leads, what other purpose do ratings and reviews provide my practice?

Rating and review sites can provide great insight into what your patients think about you and your facility or practice. Reading what consumers post might tell you about something you were previously unaware of, such as a rude scheduler, too warm patient rooms, or perhaps one of your nurses goes above and beyond and deserves additional credit.

Does this service manage my online profiles?

Yes. Your online profile pages will be claimed on your behalf and managed by specialists at They will ensure that your information is correct and up-to-date.